Allen Wrench From Hell

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Experts Say Cellphones Are Possibly Carcinoge

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  • just for fun tags: [] status: publish published: true meta: {} —>The same cancer research agency lists alcoholic drinks as a known carcinogen and night shift work as a probable carcinogen. Anyone’s risk for cancer depends on many factors, from genetic makeup to the amount and length of time of an exposure.

Weird script running problem on WinXP

I’m a Mac. Completely and totally. For almost 7 years now, and I never regret it for a moment. However, sometimes at work, I have to use Windows PC’s. This is one of those weeks. The number of “I hate f**king Windows” has risen, dramatically.

Ruby on Rails problems & solutions - May 5, 2011

Protip for RVM/Capistrano If you are using RVM/Capistrano, make certain that you sync up your RVM updates on development and your servers, or you might run into this error when you try to deploy: bash: /usr/local/rvm/bin/rvm-shell: No such file or directory

Google Maps V3 vs Bing Maps 7

I really, really hate poorly contrived performance comparisons, which proliferate everywhere, with bad data.

Ruby/Rails content gets a new home

Thanks for all the follows and subscribes, based mainly on my Ruby and Rails problems and solutions series.  Since it has proven to be so popular, I have created a new, specific Posterous site - ror4real, where this series will continue, on a (hopefully) more regular basis. First new post is up today.

Ruby on Rails problems & solutions - Apr 8, 2011

RSpec view debugging hackI needed to see what the rendered view looked like, so I could figure out why it was finding “1151” instead of “1” in a tr>td selector.  I knew how to do this in RSpec 1, but not in RSpec 2.

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