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That’s the main problem with subtle discrimination. It leaves those that it affects the most powerless against it, quietly discouraging them. If they speak up, they’re treated to eye rolls at the least, and at the worst, are called oppressors themselves. We’re accused of not wanting equal rights, but of wanting tyranny. 

I would just like the million little barbs to stop, and I would like to not be told to ‘lighten up’.


I’m posting this in reference to -

And, despite their apology (, I did just ask to cancel my account.

Why? Because the apology is an attempt at misdirection, to avoid taking responsibility for their one truly indefensible action. They not-so-subtly threatened her employment. Not only is that not cool, but it’s a statement on the way they think, and the way they will do business. So, I want nothing more to do with Period.

If you agree, go ahead and cancel your account, too.