Getting to know JRuby

As a former Java programmer (of over 8 yrs), it has been slightly embarrassing for me, as a current Ruby programmer (of over 7 yrs) to have never had an opportunity to use JRuby in a Ruby project. I keep running into Charles Nutter at conferences, and saying “maybe next year” for far too long.


Ok, I admit it. I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon again. I promise I’m going to try harder, and start queuing up posts again.

Factory Girl and has_many relationships

Today I was trying to figure out how to create a factory girl model, with a has_many relationship.  Turns out, this is not exactly straight-forward, and you need to read the documentation.

Blogging From The Bar

layout: post title: Blogging from the bar categories:

  • just for fun tags: [] status: publish published: true meta: {} —This is cool. I can actually blog from the bar by dictating to my phone. I’m going to have to try this more often.

Fitbit and Fitbit Aria

I got my Fitbit a few months ago. Ordered on the day that they announced the Fitbit Aria scale, which I pre-ordered at the same time. I decided to just use the Fitbit to track, without trying to make any big changes, until the Aria arrived.

Rubymotion Completion With Emacs Stirred Bits

layout: post title: Rubymotion completion with Emacs - Stirred bits categories:

  • mobile development tags:
  • emacs
  • ruby
  • rubymotion status: publish published: true meta: {} —>All you have to do is add the line ‘-e’ at the end of the file /Library/RubyMotion/data/bridgesupport-ctags.cfg

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