Ruby/Rails Workshops...

I’ve been struggling with trying to schedule my next workshop. I know there are lots of people interested, but we had to cancel the last one, because of insufficient signups, which was frustrating both for me, and for the people I had to let down by cancelling.

Little Steps

Agile.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Do better work, and do it faster.  Why wouldn’t everyone do that?

New iPad mini keyboard

This is a test of typing on the new Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover for iPad mini. OMG, this is really easy to use.

Core Data - Did you know?

However, with Core data you cannot retrieve only certain attributes of an object – you have to retrieve the entire object. However, if we factor the objects into two pieces – the FailedBankInfo piece and the FailedBankDetails piece – we can accomplish the exact same thing.

Developers cheat sheet for Twitter Bootstrap fonts

This is a post as much for me, as for my readers.  I keep forgetting how all these interact, and what the defaults are, so when I need to customize, I have to go digging for the details every time.

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