Rails for iOS Developers

August 16, 2013

Just in case anyone missed it, I will be teaching and speaking at NSScotland in October.   

On tutorial day, my partner in crime, Tim Breitkreutz, and I will be teaching the popular Rails for iOS Developers workshop.  If you are an iOS developer, and you need a website and back end for your iOS apps, this workshop is for you!  It sold out at Ruby Conf AU in February, so sign up soon!

At the conference in general, I will be speaking about using Core Data in RubyMotion, an introduction to Core Data, in code, at it’s most basic levels, and beyond.  Even if you don’t use RubyMotion, you will undoubtedly learn something new about Core Data, from it’s pure, no magical Xcode tools approach.

I’m looking forward to Scotland, and I hope to see a lot of you there!