How Much Does It Cost?

This weekend I had a conversation, again, about “how much does an app cost”. I do sometimes get a little frustrated by this conversation, because it comes up so often, but I suspect it’s simply a matter of people lacking the experience to really think things through.

The Journey Thus Far

I had some replies to last week’s DragonRuby Dispatch, where I shared that the Dispatch is in danger of being discontinued. To answer some of the questions raised, I thought today that I’d share the journey of the WNDX School thus far, and how we reached this point.

The Hidden Power of Games

I’m not sure how many of the people on my list would even remember Space Cadet when it was new. But if you look at the replies to Thomas’ post about it you will discover that a LOT of people do remember it. And loved it. Nostalgia is a thing people!

The OG of Developer Advocacy - TeamB

I saw an announcement last month for the latest release of RADStudio 12. RADStudio is a product of Idera’s Embarcadero subsidiary. I had a long history of using Embarcadero products. Well… CodeGear products. No, Inprise. Actually Borland products. Yup, there’s been a lot of name changing and acquisitions and divestitures in the space of developer tools over the years. Unfortunately, in the shuffle, they ended up discontinuing all the products I used, supported and advocated for - like JBuilder (Java) and 3rdRail (for Ruby).

App Realities - Rushing, Overspending, and Lessons Learned

When I was first learning about all the ways in which I was failing at sales and marketing for my school, our business coach introduced us to “that guy” who basically sends an email to his list every single day. And people stay on his list, because he tells a great story every day. And he manages to make it relate to his business every time. My brain almost exploded during this session, because I was struggling to come up with stuff to talk about once a week, and ended up dropping my newsletter back to every other week.

Holiday Tech Support

It’s that time of the year again. People head home for the holidays. Gifts are given and received. A lot of those gifts will be new tech. As one of the dedicated “tech” members of my family, I used to dread what was waiting for me.