IGListKit Tutorial RubyMotion Edition Part 1

IGListKit popped up on my radar recently from a couple of entries in the iOS Dev Weekly newsletter. Digging further led me to the IGListKit Tutorial on Ray Wenderlich’s site (again). While these tutorials are instructive posts to read, I frequently run into frustrating, hair-pulling-out inconsistencies that make it very difficult to go ahead and use this information in RubyMotion. And, as is true of most new tutorials, it is written using Swift, instead of Objective C.

The Cost of Maintaining Your Rails Applications

I see two different groups of businesses out there right now with Rails applications that are in dire need of maintenance.

  1. The businesses whose life-blood is their Rails application. You have a development team working hard, adding new features, making the application scale to a growing customer base, and fixing important, customer-facing bugs. You have no time for the non-value-add of maintenance.
  2. And businesses with a bespoke Rails application, custom built to serve a need in your business. It saves you and your staff time or aggravation. Or it provides a function that helps your business make more money.

Core Data in Motion - 2nd Edition

It seems like just yesterday that I finally finished my book, Core Data in Motion. Looking back though, it’s been two years (!?!) since I finished primary writing and submitted the final chapter for my reviewers to critique.

3 Steps To Solving RubyMotion Build Woes

Seems every few months, there is another weird build error that someone is attempting to track down when running rake to build their project in RubyMotion. The context of these errors is generally unique to the project they are running in, and often surface while compiling an included gem (ie, not in your code), and so it is difficult to Google your way to an answer on Stack Overflow ;-)

Life In Lethbridge

It’s been 2.5 years since we moved out of Calgary, and down to my old home town of Lethbridge. So far, we have really enjoyed the experience of living in Lethbridge. I moved away in 1982, so it’s been quite some time since I called Lethbridge “home”. Lots has changed. And lots has stayed the same.

Decidedly Jazz

Recently came across a discussion on Twitter about how programming was part math and part jazz. The jazz part, of course, is about improvisation. I don’t know, maybe we are all comedians?

Don't Go Into Management

It was quite a while back, but I saved this tweet, because I thought I could write up a fairly epic blog post, related to the topic, so here goes.

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