You Aren't Paying for the App

December 6, 2023
You Aren't Paying for the App

This is an absolutely fascinating video, that illustrates the point of today’s topic so very well. There is something almost hypnotic about watching a master of their craft work their magic, turning this damaged knit garment into something that looks new again.

As the video progresses, you see the process, all the steps, and even imagine that just maybe you could watch this video and duplicate the process to fix your own hole.

I submit… you could not. At least, you could not create such a seamless fix in such a short time. You could not even do it if you had a long time. Your first attempt probably wouldn’t work at all. And your next few attempts might fail or they might succeed and just look… awful.

You would need more guidance, and lots and lots of practice, probably on much simpler projects, before you were able to duplicate this feat.

So when people ask, why does it cost so much to create a mobile app, I have to remind them… You aren’t paying for the app.

You are paying for the years or decades of training and experience that make building your app look simple.

For me, a seasoned developer with three decades of experience under my belt… I can create apps. I can create web apps, and I can create native mobile apps.

I can create apps using frameworks and tools I’ve spent years collecting and learning. And more years collecting and learning entire new technologies, because the world of computers and applications reinvents itself every 5-8 years.

No-Code is simply another tool we use today, to create apps. And I can use it too. And I can make it look simple.

My years of experience tell me the fact that No Code services use no code makes them simpler in many ways. But that simplicity comes with a cost. Simplicity also makes them infinitely less flexible.

Make no mistakes… creating and launching a No Code app is still LAUNCHING AN APP! And it may be, for your particular project, the right way to go. But that doesn’t mean it will be simple to create FOR YOU. Or for your brother-in-law’s niece who’s “good at that computer stuff” 🙄

So… my last FREE live session on the topic of No Code was cancelled… after no one showed up to participate.

Since there were quite a few people who expressed interest, I’ve rescheduled it to this month. If you are interested, hit the button below to register, and I’ll send you reminders about the session one day and one hour before it starts. Please do make an effort to attend, if you sign up.

This month’s live session is in two weeks on Monday, Dec 18th (FINE, that’s 12 days from today) on Zoom and it’s called No Code - Can you build an app in an hour (Part 2)?. Register to join, and come and watch me turn the app prototype I created a few months ago into a “working” app (again). This time, I’ll be using I’m curious as to how it is different from Adalo (Part 1!).