Games for Grandma

November 22, 2023
Games for Grandma

I saw this today and thought it was really cute.

And the idea of Grandma and gaming brought to mind an important point. The games we build aren’t just for young people, they are for everyone, and everyone includes older people.

For instance my mom - she’s 88 and she has an iPad and she plays games on her iPad. In fact, she played Solitaire SO MUCH that she actually ran out of games to play. She got to the END of SOLITAIRE, and that is a LOT of games of solitaire and a lot of hours of gameplay. So last month I had to find some new games for her to play.

When picking out games for an older person, who’s not really 100% comfortable looking for apps for herself, there are some important considerations. Older folks need to start thinking about cognitive health. For cognitive health (helping to ward off memory loss and early dementia) older folks need games that actually use some brain power. The two new games that mom is playing now are word search and crossword type games. She is just as addicted to her word search game now as she has been to her solitaire game! Game addiction isn’t just for young people.

Conversation - Mom: Now I will quit Wordscapes and get to bed. You are an evil person, it's like selling drugs to a little kid. Me: Memoji Angel Halo Apparently she played until 12:30 am 🤷‍♀️

So the next time you’re trying to come up with a cool new game idea, think about what kind of games different people would like to play, and NEED to play, not just games for people like you. Think about younger people, small children, older people, seniors, people with disabilities. All of these people want and need games to play.

Next week (on Monday, November 27) I’ll be hosting my next live session on Zoom called No Code - Can you build an app in an hour (Part 2)?. Register to join, and come and watch me turn the app prototype I created a few months ago into a “working” app (again). This time, I’ll be using I’m curious as to how it is different from Adalo (Part 1!).