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#Virtual Earth 6.1: Map Options and Importing Google KML

clock April 16, 2008 03:33 by Matthew Ellis

I finally got around to taking a look at the SDK docs for Virtual Earth 6.1 and the feature list continues to grow and continues to impress, however rather than just dumping a list of new features, I’m going to write a few samples to demonstrate the new features. ##New Map Options

First and foremost, the VEMap.LoadMap() method has slightly changed and includes the parameter mapOptions, which allows for greater customization of the map control. This property is of type VEMapOptions and implements the following properties: *EnableBirdseye: A Boolean property used to indicate whether Birdseye is available. If set to false the Birdseye map icon will be absent from the control.

*EnableDashboardLabels: A Boolean property used to indicate whether or not labels appear on the map when a user clicks the Aerial or Birdseye map style buttons on the map control dashboard. The code below demonstrates how this parameter can be specified when defining a new map, note that no other parameters of the VEMap.LoadMap() method are specified, thus we should set their value to null, unless of course we wish to define the other properties.

    var options = new VEMapOptions();
    options.EnableBirdseye = false;
    options.EnableDashboardLabels = false;
    map.LoadMap(null, null, null, null, null, null, null, options);
} </script>


Took me a surprising amount of time to find the code that just turns off BirdsEye for Bing Maps. Reposting to get higher visibility for the next poor sucker who goes Googling. (Yes, you are a verb, Google. Tough!)